About Poetry Spotlight

Since 2012, we have published several issues a year featuring poetry, fiction and nonfiction. We plan to continue publishing these issues, but starting in 2016, we are also beginning a new Poetry Spotlight in which we plan to publish poems regularly online between issues.

Every two months we will post a new theme for exploration to help provide focus, and invite authors to submit poems relating to that theme. Each new theme will be purposely broad, allowing as much creative freedom as possible.

Submit poems to tscmagazine@gmail.com with ‘current theme, author’s last name’ in the subject line of the email. Each theme will have a deadline of two months. Pieces that come after a deadline for a theme will not be accepted.

Previous theme: Strange connections

Current theme: The “butterfly effect”

The butterfly effect is all about causes and their inevitable effects. It specifically refers to small causes that lead to large effects.

Write a poem that explores what the butterfly effect actually is. Tell us about a time when one tiny decision changed the course of history, or your life. Whichever happens to be more accessible. As always, please do not hesitate to play around with the theme. Let your imagination take you places.

The deadline for this particular theme is April 30. We can’t wait to see how you all respond to this theme!

Read further submission guidelines here.