Submission guidelines

We accept most kinds of creative work — short stories, creative nonfiction/essay, journalism, poetry, cartoons, and standalone photography and artwork. We do not offer payment.

Ideal pieces should be:

—Both literary and entertaining. If the work is technically brilliant and “deep,” but dense and boring, send it to someone else. If it’s a sparkling page-turner, fascinating and gripping, but has little of importance to discuss, we’ll be grateful for the interesting read but probably won’t publish it. Too often, there’s a false dichotomy between literary and popular work. The literature you send us should be skillfully written, accessible and enjoyable to read.

—Honest. Write about the world as you see it, not as you think other people want to see it.

—Fearless, but fair. It’s great to expose hypocrisy or injustice, but don’t take cheap shots or use careless hyperbole.

—Have some kind of meaning (poets, take note). Does your work seek to make a statement by stringing together random phrases? Does it equate frenetic and artistic? Does it invite the reader to explore her reality by creating her own meaning? Does its nonsensical presentation force the reader to re-examine expectations? That’s probably very interesting, to someone. Just not to us.


If we reject your piece, that doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer. Even the best writers don’t always hit the bullseye. Also, not everyone has the same literary taste. Feel free to try again! Beginning writers are welcome.

How to submit

Send submissions to We will try to get back to you within a week or two.


We ask for Internet and electronic rights, as well as the right to reprint your work in future compilations of the magazine in book form. We will consider previously published material, but our preference is for first serial rights- we want to be the first outlet to publish your work. We do not want to simultaneously publish pieces along with other magazines. However, authors retain rights to their work and can resubmit it for publication in other outlets.