Sarah Allen lives in West Liberty, Kentucky, with her husband and two sons. As an administrative assistant for an accounting firm, she does everything from proofread documents and enter unending strings of numbers into spreadsheets to making copies. She enjoys writing poetry and occasionally blogging. She holds a bachelor’s degree in music education and an almost master’s degree in educational technology from Morehead State University.

Sarah Garber lives at Camp Deerpark in southeastern New York. She cares for an ever-increasing number of small animals and two human children, grows a few green tomatoes in the shaded gravel of her yard, attempts to control her possessions and instill order in her home, and sometimes writes. Sarah holds a BA in English from Houghton College.

Jesse Graber lives in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where he is studying graphic design at a local college. A high school diploma and a one-year certificate in general studies from Rosedale Bible College are highlights among his numerous academic achievements. Jesse’s time is occupied with homework, freelance design and practicing his elementary guitar skills.

Jesse Mast holds a bachelor’s degree with majors in communication and Bible from Columbia International University. He works at a supermarket, where he reminds shoppers that tattoos are not an acceptable form of ID. He lives in Greenwood, Delaware.

Jason Ropp and his wife Courtney live in Goshen, Indiana, where he is a freelance writer, musician, and guitar teacher. Jason has an AA in pastoral studies from Rosedale Bible College, and a BA in English from Grace College. His heart is to use writing and art to give people a safe place to talk through the messiness of faith and following the vibrant, living, Jesus.

Jared Stutzman teaches music and English in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from The Ohio State University. Originally from Illinois, he is a Cubs fan, and this contributes to a pessimistic view of the universe.