September 2016
The Resurrectionist, by Tom MillerBeatdown in Bangkok: A Stetson Jeff Adventure, Chapter One, by Justin Fike and Adam FlemingThe Knowledge of the Queen, Chapter Three, by Juan ErsatzmanGunpowder Trails, chapters Six and Seven, by Andrew Sharp

May 2016
Gone, by John GrindstaffBefore and After, by Charissa RabensteinObituary of Marvin J. Furskin, by Chuck KramerVirginia: A Tale of a Virtuous Vegetarian, by Gershon Ben-AvrahamThe Knowledge of the Queen Chapter Two, by Juan ErsatzmanGunpowder Trails, chapters Three, Four and Five, by Andrew Sharp

January 2016
Sidelined, by Erin SandersThe Knowledge of the Queen Chapter One, by Juan Ersatzman (serial novel) • Gunpowder Trails Chapter One, by Andrew Sharp (serial novel)Gunpowder Trails Chapter Two, by Andrew Sharp (serial novel)

September 2015
Peter and the Wolf: Retold, by Ben Herr  •  Weathered, by Tamara Shoemaker  •  Ride the Peter Pan, by Allison Whittenberg  •  Short Arm of the Law, by Andrew Sharp  •  Post-Apocalypse, by Juan Ersatzman

June 2015
Helpful Hurting: A Cautionary Tale, by Juan Ersatzman  •  Stalemate, by Tamara Shoemaker  •  No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee, by Andrew Sharp  •  Jedaiah’s Secret, by Alicia Yoder

February 2015
The Walkers, by Ben Herr  •  After the Worms Destroy the Skin, by Andrew Sharp  •  Waiting, by Sarah Stoltzfus Allen  •  Soul Train, by Andrew Sharp

September 2014
The Noble Savages, By Andrew Sharp  •  Tornado! Or, a Boy Gets His Chance, By Hans Shenk (Fiction)  •  A Belfry Tale, By Ruthie Voth  •  Reporter Catches Lucky Break, By Andrew Sharp

April 2014
Of Mallards, By Rebekah Sauder  •  Paradise Mocked, By Andrew Sharp

November 2013
Sleepless, By Jason Ropp  •  The Bullet, By Andrew Sharp  •  All is Forgiven, By Hans Shenk

May 2013
Expedience, By Andrew Sharp  •  The Expedition, By Andrew Sharp

February 2013
The Silence of Silk, By Sarah Mast Garber  •  Damnatus: Supply and Demand, By Jason Ropp  •  Rewind, By Andrew Sharp  •  The Encounter, By Jared Stutzman  •  Umbrellas Among Us, By Jared Stutzman

November 2012:
Damnatus: The Reverend, By Jason Ropp  •  The Hunter, by Andrew Sharp  •  The Perfect Church, By Jared Stutzman