September 2016

September 2016

Cover art: Allen Forrest

Quick read:
The Resurrectionist, by Tom Miller
Beatdown in Bangkok: A Stetson Jeff Adventure, Chapter One, by Justin Fike and Adam Fleming
The Knowledge of the Queen, Chapter Three, by Juan Ersatzman
Gunpowder Trails, chapters Six and Seven, by Andrew Sharp

From the Editors: Ode to Autumn

1961, by Ricky Garni
Peeking Through, by Stephen Mead
My Final Gift, by Sandra Rokoff-Lizut
Funeral for the Last Parent, by Donal Mahoney
The Black Mark, by Patrick Theron Erickson
Tearing Through the Dictionary for the Meaning of Levant, by Carol Hamilton
Water on Fire, by Kelly McNeal
British Beach, by Eliza Callard
Rainbow, by Adam Fleming
View From the Santa Fe Rail-Runner No. 1, by Sandra Rokoff-Lizut