September 2015

September cover

Quick read:
Peter and the Wolf: Retold, by Ben Herr (fiction)
Weathered, by Tamara Shoemaker (fiction)
Ride the Peter Pan, by Allison Whittenberg (fiction)
Blessed, by Sarah Stoltzfus Allen (poetry)
Winter View, by Yuan Changming (poetry)
40 Celebrities That You Didn’t Know Were Atheists, by Ricky Garni (Poetry)
Short Arm of the Law, by Andrew Sharp (fiction)
Dangling Participles, by Donal Mahoney (poetry)
Cacophony at Midday, by Carol Hamilton (poetry)
Bergmanesque Yahrzeit, by Gerard Sarnat (poetry)
The Secret of Spaghetti, by Terry Barr (essay)
The Gallery, by Thomas Zimmerman (poetry)
Learning From Picasso, by William Doreski (poetry)
Missing You, by Valentina Cano (poetry)
A Heaping Helping of Ethiopia, by Amanda Miller (essay)
Prosopopoeia: Face Making, by Alannah Taylor (poetry)
Know-How, by Eliza Callard (poetry)
Post-Apocalypse, by Juan Ersatzman (fiction)
The Glory That Was, by Thomas Zimmerman (poetry)
The Broad and Narrow Way, by William Miller (poetry)
Jordan, by Stephanie Sharp (poetry)
Iron and Water, by Ruthie Voth (poetry)

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