February 2017

February 2017

Cover photo: Brian Barbeito

Quick read:
Reveille, by Karl Harshbarger
Inspiration, by Adreyo Sen
Isn’t That What Life is All About?, by Connie Begood McWilliams
The Knowledge of the Queen, chapters Four and Five, by Juan Ersatzman
Gunpowder Trails, chapters Eight and Nine, by Andrew Sharp

From the Editors: Baker’s Dozen

Japanese Festival of the Full Moon, by Carol Hamilton
Rain, by Alice King
Surf, by Thom Young
Planting Cone-Flower Seeds, by Jan Ball
They said …, by Alexander Jones
Made in Heaven, by Dennis Trujillo
Carta, by T.S. Hidalgo
Sunday Mass, by Jan Ball
Fitting Passage, by Michael Bates
Observations on the Subway by Dennis Trujillo
Getting in Tune by Andrew Hubbard
Thinking of my Mother Growing Old by Steven Sher