morning bayweb

September 2016
1961, by Ricky GarniPeeking Through, by Stephen MeadMy Final Gift, by Sandra Rokoff-LizutFuneral for the Last Parent, by Donal MahoneyThe Black Mark, by Patrick Theron EricksonTearing Through the Dictionary for the Meaning of Levant, by Carol HamiltonWater on Fire, by Kelly McNealBritish Beach, by Eliza CallardRainbow, by Adam FlemingView From the Santa Fe Rail-Runner No. 1, by Sandra Rokoff-Lizut

May 2016
Applebee’s Hotel Bar, Boca Raton, Florida, by Michelle BrooksProcurement, by Elise MaleckiLike Father, Like Son, by Beth BoylanGiving Up for Lent, by Kirk WeixelWhere Credit Is Due, by Jada YeeI Captured the World in Mason Jars While Drinking From Scooby Doo Jelly Jars, by C.Z. HeywardWest of Harlingen, by Chuck KramerMinding the Gap, by Aidan ChafeHavana, 1957, by Carl BoonDeath of Their Child, August 7, 1958, by Eliza Callard

January 2016
Last Supper of a Waning Summer, by k.j. mcdanielBaby, by Ruthie VothHigh School Yearbooks in a Storage Unit, by k.j. mcdanielGood Boy, by Jesse MastFlotsam and Jetsam, by Donal MahoneyAnd Then There Was Death, by John BrantinghamTo Life, by Travis GoureThe First Move, by Amanda TumminaroMan From Trinidad, by Olivia Vande WoudeTokyo, the Floating World Adrift, by Leah StensonReservation, by Charissa RabensteinIn the House of God, by Sarah Stoltzfus AllenA Little Dark, by Frederick Pollack

September 2015
Blessed, by Sarah Stoltzfus Allen  •  Winter View, by Yuan Changming  •  40 Celebrities That You Didn’t Know Were Atheists, by Ricky Garni  •  Dangling Participles, by Donal Mahoney  •  Cacophony at Midday, by Carol Hamilton  •  Bergmanesque Yahrzeit, by Gerard Sarnat  •  The Gallery, by Thomas Zimmerman  •  Learning From Picasso, by William Doreski  •  Missing You, by Valentina Cano  •  Prosopopoeia: Face Making, by Alannah Taylor  •  Know-How, by Eliza Callard  •  The Glory That Was, by Thomas Zimmerman  •  The Broad and Narrow Way, by William Miller  •  Jordan, by Stephanie Sharp  •  Iron and Water, by Ruthie Voth

June 2015
to be female, by Sarah Stoltzfus Allen  •  desperation, by Ruthie Voth  •  Deranged, by Jason Ropp

February 2015
Bookshop, by Jason Ropp

September 2014
For You, if Narnia Was the Land of Your Birth, By Ruthie Voth  •  War, By Tamara Shoemaker  •  Fleeting, By Tamara Shoemaker  •  On Being Human, By Jason Ropp

April 2014
Back in the Midwest, By Candice Mast  •  The Chameleon, By Charissa Gingerich

November 2013
Lucky, By Candice Mast  •  The Boom Inside, By Candice Mast  •  The Draft, By Jason Ropp

May 2013
At Night, By Sarah Mast Garber  •  Orchid, By Candice Mast  •  a trilogy of moments, By Ruthie Voth

November 2012
On Smashing My First Idol, By Sarah Garber  •  Chores, By Sarah Garber