Andrew Sharp

Andrew Sharp is a journalist who works for a small-town newspaper on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He lives in Harrington, Del. with his wife and two sons. He edits The Sacred Cow, which has dramatically increased the acceptance rate for his pieces.

September 2016
Gunpowder Trails, chapters Six and Seven (serial novel)

January 2016
Gunpowder Trails Chapter One (serial novel)
Gunpowder Trails Chapter Two (serial novel)

September 2015
Short Arm of the Law (fiction)

June 2015
No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee (fiction)

February 2015
After the Worms Destroy the Skin, (fiction)
Soul Train, (fiction)

September 2014
The Nations Underfoot, (Commentary)
The Noble Savages, (Fiction)
Reporter Catches Lucky Break, (Fiction)

April 2014
Paradise Mocked (Fiction)

November 2013
Income vs. Jobs: the Minimum Wage Red Herring (Commentary)
The Bullet (Fiction)

May 2013
Expedience (Fiction)
The Expedition (Fiction)

February 2013
Rewind (Fiction)

November 2012
Real Change Does Not Come from the Top (Commentary)
The Hunter (Fiction)