Juan Ersatzman

Juan Ersatzman grew up in the green heart of the United States, but was born on the far side of the border. Always a bit of an outsider on the inside, he started writing terrible fiction at age 10, a pastime facilitated by the onset of terrible insomnia at age 11. After two years of Bible college, eleven months of cumulative time spent abroad, marrying up, and six years of on-again-off-again undergraduate education, he’s beaten the insomnia, but not the fiction. He takes his name seriously, and strives to embody all that it means.

September 2016
The Knowledge of the Queen, Chapter Three (serial novel)

May 2016
The Knowledge of the Queen Chapter Two (serial novel)

January 2016
The Knowledge of the Queen Chapter One (serial novel)

September 2015
Post-Apocalypse (fiction)

June 2015
Helpful Hurting: A Cautionary Tale (fiction)