The Gallery

By Thomas Zimmerman

Tonight the gallery will open wide
as dreaming’s yawning maw, the famished mind
alight with torches, dogs asleep beside
the fire — the wrench, the ledger left behind.
Kandinskys, Rauschenbergs, and Blakes appear.
Picassos, Klees, and Leonardos glow.
The dark of Caravaggios, the fear
and awe of Turners swirl with Dürers, grow
immense with Goyas, Michelangelos.
Cezannes and Rembrandts, Jackson Pollocks flare
with inner energies. The bold Mirós,
Rossettis, and Van Goghs imbue the air
with god-light. Dreamers wake, reborn to dawn,
to potencies, to robins on the lawn.


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